Police in several cities across the U.S. are trying to put a stop to the groups of men waging paintball battles as a part of #PaintballsUpGunsDown​ — an anti-gun violence campaign police are calling misguided.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said the #PaintballsUpGunsDown movement has gotten out of control and could backfire if officers mistake a paintball gun for a real firearm.

The grassroots movement first gained traction on social media in early April as a proposed way to resolve conflicts with paint instead of bullets. Since then, participants from Atlanta to Detroit have engaged in full blown paintball wars on city streets, with as many as 50 shooters taking aim at each other at once, hitting innocent bystanders and marking up cars and homes.

Over the last week, police in Detroit started making arrests for destruction of property. Paintballers say they’re being targeted for being young and black and that cleaning up paint is a lot better than picking up dead bodies.

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19 Replies to “Detroiters Are Waging Paintball Wars As A Way To Stop Gang Violence”

    1. not watching, but as children we are taught to constructively use our energy, relieve stress/frustration, and get fit in the process, but these humans simply missed that train. Now you’re trying to fix manChildren which is nonsensical. No one else is speaking their ‘language’, they are the outcasts of the human race and they know it. They are the reason for concealed carry for people who can’t afford private security details at gov’t expense and gated communities with their own private police forces on site, as well as special call buttons that instantly dispatch lights and sirens of two (minimum) police officers regardless of anything.

  1. Bro they could throw pillow cases of feathers at each other. The news be like….
    A stray sharpened quill pierced the eyeball of a young innocent child.

  2. No they aren’t this was just for a video they still kill each other all the time just like any classic liberal hellhole

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